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About us

  • Downtown Pictures Ltd is an audiovisual production service company situated in Tallinn, Estonia. The company was established in 2003 and is one of the oldest and experienced production service providers in the country.
  • Our vision and mission is providing full production service for clients all over the world. Downtown Pictures Ltd is specialized to produce feature and documentary films, TV and radio commercials, corporate brand and product introduction videos, music videos, graphical solutions and providing full staff and production service.
  • Our production team has been working all over Europe as well as Afghanistan and Nicaragua. We have been working together with many well known clients like Harpo Studios (Founder: Oprah Winfrey), Rick Owens and Molycorp/Neo. One founder of Downtown Pictures is Ove Musting who has directed Estonian Eurovision song contest television gala show for over five years. We have had the pleasure to work with clients from Russia, Europe, Scandinavian countries and from the States. Our project based production has reached to 150 people per production.
  • Downtown Pictures Ltd work has been nominated and awarded by various festivals. We have received several "best commercial", "best film", "best music video" and "best directing" awards.
  • The owners and founders of Downtown Picture Ltd are both active as producers and directors. Our goal is to provide highest quality custom made service for every client.

Latest releases:

We produced and directed Elisa and Estonian Television original 6 episode serie "REETUR" [ Traitor ] whitch was released in october 2021.

Work in progress:

  • Full lenght feature film "SEATAPP" [ Pig Slaughter ] in preproduction funded by Estonian Film Institute and Cultural Endowment of Estonia.
  • TRADING LIFE is 6 episode international serie based on real life events that took place in 2011.


We are currently looking for funding and coproduction partners.


The Story

On March 23 2011, seven Estonian tourists on bicycles were kidnapped in Lebanon. They were kidnapped in the Beqaa Valley, simultaneously with the first events of the Arab Spring. Lebanon and the surrounding countries were in disarray. A kidnapping in the midst of the Arab Spring and war in Syria was the worst combination for the investigators. At the same time, Americans were hunting Osama Bin Laden, which further complicated the hostage crisis. Corruption in Lebanon together with political rivalry created a situation where Estonian intelligence officers could not trust anybody and the Western countries were not able to help, because nobody wanted a likely bloody-ending tragedy of a third country hostage crisis on their conscience.

The situation continued from March 23 until July 11. This chain of events, based on a true story, is still shrouded in secrecy, but with the help of several people who were connected with the Lebanon hostage crisis we have had an opportunity to delve into details of the events that took place during these four months. We will now tell the story.

“Trading life” is a story of rescuing seven men. It is also a story of a small country’s internal security service and intelligence officers securing a rare win – all the hostages were brought back alive. But the journey to their freedom was slow and tricky. And top secret.

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Producer | Director

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